Business model of ACPA

The ACPA defines the types of workers needed by society, carefully inspects each course provided by educational institutions, corporations, etc., and clarifies the positioning of each course for the public, so that trainees can utilize this information as a guideline for acquiring practical abilities.

Toward this end, the ACPA performs certification and accreditation of courses, course providers, educational institutions, lecturers, and trainees based on the criteria established by the ACPA.

Thanks to this certification and accreditation of the process of imparting practical abilities that match the needs of industries and universities are expected to become more willing to work with each other toward continuously improving the quality of their courses for students and professionals.

ACPA standard skill matrix

The ACPA standard skill matrix has been developed in the domains of ICT(informatio and communication technology) and Business and Management. It describes the required skill items that link occupational category to skills.

Standard Skill Matrix (ICT Domain)
Standard Skill Matrix (Business and Management Domain)

Operations of ACPA

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