Certification and Accreditation Service


The ACPA certifies personnel training courses, educational institutions, and qualification examinations based on its evaluation criteria with the aim of nurturing human resources capable of executing tasks professionally (practical abilities). The ACPA also certificates individuals who complete a certified course or pass a certified examination as possessing the knowledge and skills required for their occupation or assignment.

The certification and accreditation services provided by the ACPA can be summarized as shown in the following diagram.

Qualification examinations are awarded with the certification when they are recognized as effective for determining the practical ability level of each individual. The ACPA is also planning to undertake certification of lecturers capable of teaching on certified courses based on its evaluation criteria, and thus continues to promote certification and accreditation services for institutions that can provide a high-quality educational environment (course materials, curricula, lecturers).

The following certification and accreditation services were fully launched in April 2006, and are currently available.

  1. Course certification (only IT and business skill courses during FY2006)
  2. Institution certification (certification for course-providing institutions)
  3. Institution certification (certification for course-executing institutions)
  4. Certification of individuals

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